Fourth-Quarter Trucking Outlook: Analyzing the Peak Season

The stakes have rarely been so high for shippers trying to navigate fast-rising rates, high freight demand and constrained truck and intermodal capacity. The pace of rate inflation may be slowing, but prices remain much higher than in 2017, let alone 2016. Thank a strong US economy, higher fuel prices, and a supply chain prone to disruption. Hurricane Florence is the latest reminder of just how fragile and prone to disruption the North American freight network actually is at a time when freight demand is at record levels. How will we deal with the challenges economic expansion and constrained capacity will pose as the peak shipping season for trucking approaches, and as we look beyond into 2019?

This webcast will analyze the current state of the market discuss how shippers should prepare for the final quarter of 2018 and beyond, and serve as a primer to deeper discussion at the JOC Inland Distribution Conference in Oak Brook, Illinois, on Oct. 20-22. 

William Cassidy, Senior Editor, Trucking and Domestic Transportation, JOC, Maritime & Trade, IHS Markit
Lee Klaskow, Senior Analyst, Transportation and Logistics Bloomberg Intelligence
Matt Foley, Director, Carrier Relations and Pricing, Technicolor
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Thursday, October 11, 2018 - 14:00