The waves of disruption that have been lapping at the shore of industries such as retail and taxis are finally beginning to hit shipping, with a slew of start ups entering the transportation sector in recent years. Venture capital firms have been eager to back such companies, and are increasingly funding the most promising technology. Meanwhile, established players in shipping such as Maersk Line and Kuhne + Nagel are funding and developing their own technologies to ensure that they are not overwhelmed by the waters rising around them.

News & Analysis

18 Jan 2018
Shippers want and need “visibility” across modes, not just to track freight but also to meet tighter fulfillment and restocking requirements — demands that are driving automation.
16 Jan 2018
IBM and Maersk estimate the initiatives could save the industry billions of dollars.
15 Jan 2018
Logistics technology startups are being targeted by Kuehne + Nagel and the Singapore state investment arm, which have formed a joint venture to identify and fund the tech companies.
15 Jan 2018
One tech start-up believes it has found a way to automate and decode complex ocean freight contracts.
14 Jan 2018
Unlike many UK firms, heavy-lift and installation contractor ALE said it isn’t losing any sleep over the potential negative fallout from Brexit. Here's why.
11 Jan 2018
From air freight to ocean to trucking, e-commerce is exerting palpable influence on the various transport markets.
11 Jan 2018
Maersk initially set up the program for its own needs and used it to, for example, monitor the temperature of each box and change it if it was too low or high, and also to track the maintenance needs.
10 Jan 2018
In particular, the FMCSA will focus on accelerating tests of autonomous vehicle technologies, believing they have the potential to significantly reduce crashes.
10 Jan 2018
The need for better visibility to make smarter decisions, along with better coordinating of train switching and traffic flows on local roads, comes as North American port volume rises.
Analysis: Right or wrong, CSX intermodal trying new things
09 Jan 2018
It is crucial that intermodal continues to explore non-traditional ways to knit together an ever-growing network of dispersed terminals in order to meet the challenge of this new, more demanding supply chain era.
08 Jan 2018
Thousands of Canadian truckers who cross the US border daily are required to use ELDs, but there are some differences between the US rule and the Canadian proposal.