Transportation Regulations

Transportation Regulations

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17 Jun 2019
Eleven major banks representing 20 percent of the global shipping finance portfolio have signed off on a framework agreement aimed at aligning investors with the IMO’s 2050 mandate to cut CO2 emissions 50 percent from 2008 levels.
14 Jun 2019
Changing ship designs will fail to reach global emissions reductions targets without the widespread use of low-carbon fuels, the American Bureau of Shipping argues in its 2030 Outlook 2050 Vision report.
20 May 2019
A proposal to impose mandatory speed limits on ocean vessels faces an uncertain future after being tabled at last week’s meeting of the IMO’s Marine Environmental Protection Committee.
14 May 2019
The European Commission is eyeing Cosco’s deepening reach into the European port sector, as well as the broader issue of state subsidies to Asia-based carriers and shipyards.
14 May 2019
The European Commission’s competition regulator warned that shipper suggestions that carriers create a uniform bunker adjustment factor (BAF) surcharge would be viewed as a “hardcore violation” of antitrust rules.
13 May 2019
The conclusion of annual trans-Pacific service contracts this month showed that container lines for the most part got shippers to agree to reimburse them for expected higher fuel costs as of Jan. 1.
13 May 2019
Amazon’s logistics business needs to be regulated, but it’s not because Amazon is a bad company; on the contrary, it’s because the company is so exceptional, Freightos CEO Zvi Schreiber writes in's The Industry Speaks series.
07 May 2019
Container carriers will have to remove nearly every vessel from service for at least a week to transition to low-sulfur fuel as mandated by the IMO, but BCOs hope that carriers don't use this as a way to manipulate capacity during the peak season.
06 May 2019
Container carriers are rejecting proposed mandatory vessel speed limits, saying the move set to be discussed at the International Maritime Organization (IMO) meeting later this month would undermine climate change goals for shipping.
02 May 2019
Already facing a low-sulfur fuel mandate in 2020, the shipping industry is just beginning to gauge how to decarbonize, with slower-steaming already being proposed.
01 May 2019
A rapidly approaching deadline for the implementation of early greenhouse gas emissions reduction measures has given way to the belief that only operational steps can do the trick with low- or zero-carbon propulsion methods still several years away.
01 May 2019
BCOs concerned about variations among carrier low-sulfur fuel surcharges may be able to shift volumes to exploit volatility in bunker pricing.
24 Apr 2019
Container carriers are caught in a classic “prisoner’s dilemma.” If they all install scrubbers, none of them reap the benefits of cheap, plentiful high-sulfur fuel that would come from widespread adoption of low-sulfur fuel.
Dustin Braden, shipper engagement manager, JOC
10 Apr 2019
Dustin Braden, shipper engagement manager, JO
08 Apr 2019
Container carriers and the shipper supply chains that depend on them are in for a rude awakening if European regulators repeal the block exemption for liner carrier consortia.
08 Apr 2019
Trucking operators and shippers should be keeping a close eye on the implementation of a National Drug and Alcohol Driver Database and other potential regulatory changes that will affect available capacity.
Mark Szakonyi, executive editor, JOC
04 Apr 2019
Mark Szakonyi, executive editor
03 Apr 2019
Six months after new government restrictions on hours of service for Mexico’s truck drivers took effect, rates have gone up, capacity has tightened, and it’s tougher to find trucking services to some parts of the country.
02 Apr 2019
While British politicians have been chasing their tails in Parliament, businesses in the UK and Europe have been planning for a no-deal Brexit.
02 Apr 2019
Carrier executives are increasingly confident they will have compensatory, floating low-sulfur fuel BAFs installed with their customers by the fourth quarter.
28 Mar 2019
Canadian shippers dependent on smaller trucking companies may be at risk of capacity shortages and higher costs as Canada’s ELD mandate draws closer.
21 Mar 2019
Only when carriers start actually using low-sulfur fuel later this year will the demand -- and the price -- be established.
20 Mar 2019
Although the final decision lies with the college of commissioners, a European Commission working group is examining the pros and cons of modifying the liner block exemption regulation, rather than renewing or repealing it.
19 Mar 2019
The International Transport Forum is calling for more clarity in the EU liner shipper block exemption rules, just days after the World Shipping Council submitted a report in support of extending the exemption.
07 Mar 2019
BCOs are taking a more proactive approach to avoid incurring demurrage-detention penalties, setting clear terms in ocean carrier contracts and even negotiating directly with terminals.
04 Mar 2019
President Donald Trump will want to ensure voters in northern tier states don’t see heating oil and diesel prices skyrocket before the 2020 election as a result of the new IMO low-sulfur fuel rule, IHS Markit vice chairman Daniel Yergin tells the TPM 2019 Conference.
01 Mar 2019
The DOT OIG's audit of FMCSA medical certification procedures and examiners is one example of how federal regulators are cracking down on truck and bus drivers in an effort to keep unqualified drivers off the road and reduce accidents and fatalities.
27 Feb 2019
The risk of severe disruption in early 2020 should be on the minds of all beneficial cargo owners and forwarders leading up to the Jan. 1 imposition of the IMO's low-sulfur fuel rules.
26 Feb 2019
Matson CEO Matt Cox says additional costs associated with the IMO's 2020 low-sulfur fuel rules are quickly becoming the defining factor in annual trans-Pacific contract negotiations.
21 Feb 2019
The higher cost of low-sulfur fuel remains one of the greatest threats to carrier profitability over the next year.
20 Feb 2019
The European Commission is reviewing submissions regarding a five-year extension of the exemption covering liner carrier consortia in advance of a 2020 expiration of the current extension.
08 Feb 2019
Maersk and others are cracking down on dangerous goods misdeclarations, but more awareness is needed to address the underlying issues behind improper cargo classification.
AAL Kembla.
31 Jan 2019
Among shipowners’ concerns: will there be enough low-sulfur fuel on Jan. 1, 2020? And will the low-sulfur quality be consistent?
Rotterdam port.
30 Jan 2019
The injection of vessels comes as demand growth of Asia-Europe westbound volume slows.
A container ship accepts fuel.
24 Jan 2019
This lack of clarity on future high- and low-sulfur fuel costs worries BCOs and NVOs as they enter the more critical second phase of negotiations in March.