Regulation & Policy

The global regulatory environment surrounding international trade has never been more difficult — and risky — to manage. From international trade law to customs regulations, trade compliance has risen to the top of the priority list among global importers and exporters. In the age of free trade agreements that link different customs and cultures, the challenges will only mount in the years ahead.

News & Analysis

20 Apr 2018
China’s decision to expand the ban comes after US exports fell 3.5 percent in the first two months of this year.
Shanghai, China.
19 Apr 2018
The broad global economic expansion kept growth at China’s Top 20 ports in the first quarter on par with last year’s level.
Shipping containers.
19 Apr 2018
Indian agencies overseeing the project eliminated a requirement and several other conditions previously needed by the ultimate winning bidder. However, these changes still need government approval before finalization of the contract.
Port Houston.
18 Apr 2018
There are good reasons why participants at the 3rd Annual JOC Gulf Shipping Conference in Houston this week are bullish on US Gulf ports: the region’s growth is outpacing other US coasts, Asian import growth is promising, and the potential exists for Gulf ports to funnel a rebound in Latin American trade. Those are three legitimate growth engines and the resin boom has not even begun yet.
Recycling plastic waste.
17 Apr 2018
The decline in US exports took place even before trade war rhetoric between the United States and China began to heat up.
Containers at a port.
16 Apr 2018
After a container is unloaded from a vessel to the yard, the Chittagong Port Authority lets shippers store the container in the yard for free for four days; on the fifth day, storage rent is charged.
Trucks at the Port of Santos.
13 Apr 2018
The strike, owing to a pay and benefits dispute with Brazil's federal government that dates to November, has increased dwell times at the port to seven days, with some shippers facing up to 14-day delays.
A US truck.
12 Apr 2018
A bill before the California Legislature that would make beneficial cargo owners share in liability for paying wages, fines, and damages to misclassified harbor truck drivers draws Teamsters support and California Trucking Association opposition.
Doraleh Container Terminal Djibouti.
11 Apr 2018
The warning follows reports that Djibouti is working with other parties at the disputed Doraleh Container Terminal (DCT), a move DP World said would violate its exclusivity rights. Further, DP World said it has started new arbitration proceedings at the London Court of International Arbitration to settle the DCT issue with the government of Djibouti.
Steel loaded onto a truck from a ship.
10 Apr 2018
Breakbulk carriers and shippers hope the threatened US steel tariffs are merely a negotiating tactic, but if they prove to be more than that an incipient US-China trade war would occur just as the industry appears to be on the verge of a recovery from a long slump.