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News and analysis focused on shipping and Class I U.S. railroads such as CSX Transportation, Union Pacific Railroad and Kansas City Southern Railway.



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CSX Transportation’s overhaul does not capture the enormity of changes rippling through the US intermodal industry.

News & Analysis

Canadian Pacific Railway.
20 Apr 2018
The labor unrest will delay shipments within Canada and across the border with the United States, disrupting supply chains in the two countries.
Kansas City Southern Railway.
19 Apr 2018
KCS will add a weekly container train between New Orleans and Dallas to feed empty containers to port and provide intermodal capacity to support imports. The Port of New Orleans is trying to leverage its newly acquired Public Belt short line to expand intermodal service.
port of Savannah.
18 Apr 2018
US Southeast ports are expanding inland, giving beneficial cargo owners in the Carolinas, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Tennessee, Kentucky, and other areas an intermodal opportunity to avoid the long, expensive dray to a port city — a significant option in a capacity-short US truck transport market.
Union Pacific Railroad.
12 Apr 2018
Delays on railroads have eased since mid-March in Chicago, Savannah, and Dallas, after a rough winter filled with delays, detention, per diem, and demurrage fees for shippers. Railroads are rushing to hire employees, lease locomotives, and build sidings to be prepared for the next seasonal wave in the second half of 2018.
Canadian National Railway.
14 Mar 2018
Shippers were angered by delays over the last six months, and interim CEO Jean-Jacques Ruest has acknowledged the company's lackluster service in January and February.
CSX Transportation.
14 Mar 2018
CSX service returns back to normal at the 59th Street terminal in what is a rough winter for shippers.
A US intermodal facility.
13 Mar 2018
The intermodal model is complex, requiring a coordinated ballet in which various inputs — including rail line capacity, railcar supply, terminal capacity, chassis supply, container supply, and drayage capacity — all need to be in balance. That is not the case this year.
Intermodal freight in Chicago.
08 Mar 2018
Shippers will face more delays sending freight out of Chicago. CSX Transportation is overwhelmed with outbound freight and will not accept containers being dropped off at the 59th Street terminal through March 12.
Canadian Pacific Railway.
08 Mar 2018
Canadian Pacific Railway CEO Keith Creel says the new ONE business in Vancouver and CP’s expansion into the distribution center-rich Ohio Valley signal the Canadian railroad’s intention to growth its international intermodal freight volume.
Canadian National Railway.
05 Mar 2018
In the announcement, CN's board admitted that customer service and operations were not up to par since autumn, due to “insufficient network resiliency” to handle the demand of shippers.
Chicago is a critical node in intermodal rail supply chains because of its geographical location.
22 Feb 2018
Although not limited to Chicago, the top US freight hub has been cited for the most severe gridlock and so much drayage demand that some motor carriers will not accept new customers until April.
Canadian Pacific Railway
21 Feb 2018
The expansion of business with Japan’s Ocean Network Express shipping alliance underscores Canadian Pacific Railway's intent to gain intermodal market share.
01 Feb 2018
Prince Rupert, Vancouver, Canadian National Railway, and Canadian Pacific Railway are expanding their assets and capacity to prepare for the peak season of 2018 after a troublesome peak last year.
24 Jan 2018
The authority sent a missive to port users outlining the problem and said that it is working with CSX Transportation and Norfolk Southern Railway to clear the rail backlog.
17 Jan 2018
Service metrics are improving, but can CSX win back shipper trust while sticking to its late CEO's plan for precision scheduled railroading?
08 Jan 2018
New ocean and rail services mark the return of the Port of Portland, Oregon, to regular container handling.
18 Dec 2017
Shippers in the vicinity of the port could save hundreds of dollars to move goods through the Port of New York and New Jersey.
18 Dec 2017
Acting CEO James Foote may have to reach out to disgruntled shippers in executing the late Hunter Harrison’s precision railroading strategy.
15 Dec 2017
CSX said Harrison is taking a leave due to unexpected complications from a recent illness.
21 Nov 2017
The two major Mexican railroads have a shot at convincing shippers to convert more of their cargo from roads and highways to the tracks.
04 Nov 2017
There’s plenty of innovation and potential pitfalls coming down the tracks.
01 Nov 2017
Double stacking trains is more efficient than single stacking trains and increases the capacity and the economies of scale of each train.
01 Nov 2017
As intermodal rail container and trailer volumes hit historic highs, pressure, that may lift pricing in 2018 and beyond, is building.
30 Oct 2017
“Last year, there were hardly any robberies.”
27 Oct 2017
CSX Transportation discontinued more domestic intermodal services in an overhaul to build cargo density amid peak season.
26 Oct 2017
Savannah rail project promises two-day faster hinterland transits to Southeast and Midwest shippers.
19 Oct 2017
CSX Transportation’s overhaul of its network ultimately may benefit shippers.
17 Oct 2017
CSX is discontinuing international services as part of a broader operational overhaul.
16 Oct 2017
Canadian National Railway Vice President of Intermodal Keith Reardon discusses the challenges that come along with the growing commoditization of the transportation industry.
10 Oct 2017
The service also gives US importers a new option.
09 Oct 2017
One of the so-called “truths” of the intermodal era is the inevitability of the transition to container, fueled by the “2 for 1” economics of double-stack.
22 Sep 2017
Longer dwell times at terminals, slower trains, and an unresponsive customer service department are still roiling supply chains for CSX shippers.
22 Sep 2017
As railroads decide to automate their intermodal transfer facilities, they will face challenges similar to what marine terminal operators have had to contend with.
21 Sep 2017
Terminal operator DP World is nearing completion on a $200 million upgrade to its Fairview Container Terminal at Prince Rupert, but remaining construction to landside infrastructure has roiled port productivity.
19 Sep 2017
The Port of Virginia is tapping into the growing Midwest market.