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Air cargo news, analysis and business intelligence from air freight rates to mergers and acquisitions and regulatory actions involving the world's largest and smallest air cargo airlines such as Cathay Pacific, Lufthansa Cargo and AirBridgeCargo.

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05 Apr 2018
The year is off to a good start in terms of air cargo volume, but the trade dispute between the United States and China is making confident predictions for 2018 difficult.
Air cargo loading.
28 Mar 2018
Capacity problems abound on land and in the air, and experts say many of the solutions are the same, including earlier planning and sharing of forecasts by shippers.
And Antonov plane.
28 Mar 2018
Life has been good for heavy-lift air cargo operator Antonov after the breakup with its partner, with the company notching job wins in oil and gas, energy, aerospace, agriculture, telecommunications, and other industries. But that, in a sense, was not surprising, given its advantage — seven AN-124-100 freighters with payloads capable of transporting 150 metric tons.
19 Mar 2018
E-commerce and pharmaceuticals are driving up air cargo volume and leading the industry into a period of sustainable growth.
15 Mar 2018
Air cargo is in catch up mode as it slowly drags itself into the digital world.
12 Mar 2018
Aligning capacity with fluctuating demand and sticker-shock pricing is always a tough dance in the air cargo spot market, and it is getting more difficult.
09 Mar 2018
The scheduled Hong Kong-LAX freighter service to be launched by Flexport is aimed at locking in space on the busy route.
A UPS air cargo flight.
07 Mar 2018
Tight space in air cargo will keep rates up and keep shippers under pressure, especially during peak periods.
Dungeness crabs in Seattle, Washington.
23 Feb 2018
Because of its perishable status, long-distance seafood export has always been a challenging task — even when all operational factors are in one's favor. Add an air cargo space squeeze, uneven consumer demand, and foul weather and the task can approximate a varying obstacle course.
SeaCube Container Leasing.
22 Feb 2018
The emerging digital supply chain is offering shippers improved reefer container tracking, as well as better control / management of the cargo's condition. But a decade of reefer underinvestment and an accelerating global economy has led to a shortage of reefer containers.
A worker repositions refrigeration containers.
22 Feb 2018
Strong demand for fresh foods and other perishables that require refrigerated transportation is encouraging news for the global reefer market in 2018. However, logistics challenges threaten to drive up prices and, in some cases, prevent in-time delivery for these limited-shelf-life products.